Keep your marketing focused….

I often talk about the benefits of focusing on a niche target market.  It’s one of the elements I constantly harp on about!

It’s advice I use myself too, and following a most enjoyable stint as a consultant alongside the team at The Business Factory North Tyneside (who form part of my niche target market) in 2013, I am delighted to have been asked to work with them again, doing what I love doing to support new and small businesses.  I love it when a plan comes together!  Continue reading

Developing ideas

Marketing catch of the day?New augmented reality goggles have been developed that tell divers what type of fish or shark is swimming in front of them. The display also informs the wearer how much time and oxygen they have left and the position of other divers.

It also offers 3D camera capabilities to capture footage from an excursion and allows wearers to communicate with other divers while underwater.
The goggles, designed by a Samsung Design, will be available to buy in 2015.

Surely this is a super example of giving your customers something they need?  It provides facts and figures as well as interest and an additional health & safety aspect. What are you doing for your customers?